Friday, 9 November 2012

Using Pinterest to inspire new ideas

There are so so many amazing data visualisation sources out there in the cyber world, be they blogs, portals, websites, or applications, that I find myself struggling to keep up with it all. Like most people I imagine, I save a lot of stuff in to my favourites, but that folder is starting to resemble my wardrobe: overflowing and impossible to find what I'm looking for! I have recently opened an account on Pinterest as I thought it may be easier to store those things that inspire me, that I can generate my own ideas from, and I'm finding it a real revelation. Unlike Favourites, you can store things based on an image/icon which is much more appropriate for data visualisation links. My own page is - do check it out. If I'm struggling with writer's block, I have a quick look on my Pinterest page and the block becomes unblocked! 

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